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Hospitals & Medical

The Best Security & Life Safety Systems For Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Peace of mind for you, your patients and their families.

Healthcare providers take responsibility for making their patients feel at home during their stay. Reducing their liability through controlled access to different hospital spaces is paramount to maintaining the integrity of your hospital or healthcare system. You are responsible for securing access to medical records, prescription drugs and patients themselves.

DW Security has technology that thwarts potential events before they happen by warning, blocking or evacuating areas that are at risk from bad actors. Because each system has its own unique requirements, our security professionals take a proactive approach to match your safety and security requirements with your technology deployment to maximize safety and improve security.

Our Featured Hospital Safety & Integration Solutions

Access Control & ID Card Management: Most hospital security plans include ID badges coupled to access control systems. This allows your staff and guests access to dining facilities, patient rooms, closets, and restricted sections of the building with ID cards. It provides access points along the halls and between off-site facilities that span distances to create a seamless connection between all your security systems.

Video Surveillance with Access Control: Using video surveillance equipment and alarm systems, security personnel can assess and detect any threat in real time in order to send backup or notify the police or authorities. Make your security personnel task-oriented and limit the need for patrols with simple access to low-traffic and high-traffic areas.

Advanced Video Analytics: Optimize coverage of cameras and visual lines across the facility. Make sure every area is covered, including halls and stairways. With intelligent video monitoring, your personnel can tell the difference between security threats and authorized patrons. The smart search functionality gives the ability for your personnel to query monitoring devices for specific and immediate issues.

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