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Area Refuge

Area of Refuge Two-Way Communication Systems Installed For Your Hospital, K-12 Campus, Facility, or Business

DW Security specializes in establishing and installing all systems related to Area of Refuge, including the signage, the posted plans, and the intercom communication systems associated with Area of Refuge. Our expert planners have helped hospitals, universities, medical facilities, commercial enterprises, K-12, and many more organizations with their Area of Refuge Plan and Systems.

An Area of Refuge, otherwise known as a rescue site, is a particular place in a building designed to safely house personnel and people in the event of a disaster or emergency. An Area of Refuge will be designed to protect people who cannot escape the facility safely on their own, but instead having a rescue assistance system, its intention is to provide quick communication to alert the emergency rescue personnel and help those individuals who find themselves in difficulty.

With similarities to an intercom system, a secure two-way communication system will guarantee that the schools, medical facilities, commercial buildings, or other public places, will have a system available for individuals to relay calls for help in a serious situation or emergency. These accessible call stations were created for situations where an emergency is present, such as fire alarms or tornado sirens, when the ability to evacuate normally becomes dangerous or impossible, such is the case for disabled people with zero to limited mobility.

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