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Structured Wiring

DW Security Offers The Best Structure Wiring & Structured Cabling Solutions For Your Business.

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Structured wiring is the root of your network, and it will provide a backbone to telecommunications, Security, and IT infrastructure for a building or campus. Structured wiring, if done correctly, can simplify and organize all of the company’s digitized infrastructure, thus eliminating the requirement for multiple cables and providing an area for future growth and expansion.

In the past, every bit of your digital network infrastructure; all wiring and cabling in a building, was installed on what was called point-to-point, meaning that from every piece of hardware, there wiring that ran to something that it needed to be connected to. A System like this is extremely inefficient, disorganized, and very difficult to manage, grow, and modify as the organization expands and adds or adopts to changes in technology.

HOW DOES STRUCTURED WIRING WORK EXACTLY? When we look at an installation, the wiring solution we will propose will be simple and expandable, meaning that as your network changes and expands, it will be simple to add devices. Structured wiring creates the “root or framework” for an organization’s digital network infrastructure. All hardware and equipment will be connected to a MDA, or main distribution area, that will be your central hub for all data and information that is required to be sent or received from one place to another.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A STRUCTURED WIRING PLAN? For our clients, a structured wiring plan we develop will be much cleaner, way more efficient, and easier to deviate and adapt to your network needs in the future. It is a certainty that technology and how your organization uses it will change very rapidly. In the not too distant past, upgrading or adding to network infrastructure meant replacing most if not all cables, and creating disruptions and along with downtime to service for long periods of time. With our structured wiring solutions, it’ll be a simple matter for us to expand and adapt, simply disconnecting the unwanted or old technology and plugging in the new network equipment. This provides the necessary space for your company’s network and technology to continually evolve into the future.

We invite you to streamline your digital infrastructure with structured wiring solutions. Please contact our team of professional experts at DW Security today.

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